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We are led by storytellers and storytelling, rather than audience demographics or distribution platforms. Bringing the same level of artistry and care to all of our work - from a social post to a feature film - is essential to our mission.

With expertise in every aspect of the development and production process, we help established and emerging talent realize their creative aspirations across film, television, documentaries, new media, and consumer goods.

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Innovation Powered by Independence

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We are not exclusive to any studio, platform, buyer, or production partner

Our independent structure is key to how we carve out our place in the entertainment industry.Independence allows us to maximize creative freedom - to take chances on people, ideas, and business models that have the potential to push the industry forward  and move people and culture. Unconstrained by medium or distributor, we develop stories for the outlets where they will achieve their fullest artistic expression and greatest global reach.

Westbrook Media
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Westbrook Media
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